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It all started with Love!

"Leaving" is the first large canvas I ever stretched.  Measuring 54"x72", painted in acrylic.  This piece took me 6 months to complete.  The word Love painted underneath, represents my LOVE for nature!  Cannot think of a better word that can top that!  My process is, I paint positive words to uplift me, underneath the painting.  I believe it uplifts the viewer of the piece as well.  

The Fall is my very favorite time of year.  When the leaves start turning colors and falling, I am out there.  The gorgeous colors coming out of an ordinary fall day are splendid!   It is beautiful.  

This piece is my largest piece to date.  I love how the leaves are larger than me.  I grabbed all of the details in a leaf, and accented them in the way I love.  

 "Leaving"  54"x72", is for sale.  $45,000.00.  Contact agent, Laurel Harmon  - for details.



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