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About artist Lynn Garwood






I am Lynn Garwood a realist painter, and ​lover of vintage, nature and all things nostalgic. My style of art is realism, my paint of choice is acrylic paint on canvas.  I pay very close attention to the details, and I integrate every color of the rainbow in every square inch of the piece.  Before I begin the painting, I paint a special word of my choice as an underpainting(see video below).  I believe in positive thinking and the power of words and I believe they influence not only me while I am painting, yet others when they view my art.  Good vibrations. :)

My love of all things old began as a small child, while visiting my grandparents in Chicago, IL.  My grandmother Ruth Biron, had a story for every plate, cup and figurine, & its ties to family members long passed on.  One of my dad’s pastimes was to visit old abandoned farm houses and barns to look into how they lived and what interesting items he could find, such as old milk barrels, forks, plates and old Playboy magazines tucked into floorboards.

My interests grew for Vintage when I married into a long established gas station family.  I fell in love with old gas pumps which progressed into classic cars and trucks.  I love painting these images on canvas, because time is of the essence.  These things won’t be with us forever and I feel compelled to capture as much as I can while on this earth.

 My favorite thing to do is drive around in the country and capture sights with my camera to paint later - old falling down barns, rusting vehicles. My absolute favorite time of year is Fall, and I LOVE LEAVES!!

I now offer my art to purchase and pride myself on my professionalism & providing the highest quality product.  Thank you for visiting my site.

 "There are thousands of languages in the world, Vintage & Nostalgia speak them all.  People of all ages & walks of life have something in common, their love of antiquities, and the stories, memories & feelings of a simpler time wrapped up into each of the them"    262-492-4647